Planning for the next year in Education Scrutiny


  • What they think the Council’s Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel should look at over the coming year?
  • What issues they believe are most important in education at the moment?
  • Whether there areas of education that Councillors could look at that  would help make a difference and add value?

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel will at their meeting on 11 May start to plan their the coming year. The Panels brief is to provide ongoing challenge to schools performance to ensure that pupils in Swansea are receiving high quality education; and the authority is meeting its objectives in relation to improving school standards and pupil attainment.

The Panel have contacted Swansea Councillors, Headteachers and school Governors across Swansea asking them to feed into their work programme.

Do you have any issues you things the Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel should consider?

If so you can email us at

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