Scrutiny Councillors take a look at Anti-Social Behaviour

Photo credit: Safer Swansea

A Scrutiny Working Group recently looked at Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and how Swansea Council tackle issues around this.

The Panel heard that a multi-agency approach has been adopted to ensure that everyone who needs to be involved such as Youth Services, the Police and Local Area Co-ordinators (amongst others) are informed in the first instance.

There is a very effective four step plan which aims to deal with any ASB issues at an early stage – only 2-3% escalate past stage one so this is proving to be very successful.

It was interesting that although ASB is commonly an issue which is associated with young people, this is not the experience of the team or Councillors who attended. It is clear that ASB occurs in all parts of Swansea for a variety of different reasons and is perpetuated by people of all ages.

The Panel made the link between poverty and ASB and although there are many committed Council staff working with communities, the Panel feels the cuts which all Councils have faced over the last few years have definitely had an impact. Less activities and resources in communities can lead to feelings of boredom and isolation.

The Panel were really impressed by the assistance the team offered, not just to the victims of ASB, but also the people who are undertaking it. Advice and support is available to try and change patterns of behaviour for the long term and make Swansea’s Communities ASB free.

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