Call for Evidence: Procurement Scrutiny Inquiry

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The primary focus for the inquiry is to look at Procurement.  The key question, therefore, is: What is Swansea Council doing to ensure it procures locally, ethically and greenly while being cost effective and transparent in its practices?

Reasons for carrying out this piece of work

Councillors chose to carry out this piece of work because they want to

  • Ensure that the Council is meeting its duties under any legal requirements
  • Ensure Swansea Council procures locally, ethically and greenly while being cost effective and transparent in its practices

To help understand these issues and to answer some of these questions we are inviting written submissions on the following lines of inquiry:

The inquiry will look at procurement in relation to the provision of council functions. It will also consider what the Council does well and what can be improved in this area. This will include: 

  1. Legislation/policy including national, local and European influences on our procurement practice:  What legislative and policy framework is used in the Councils procurement processes?  How do we ensure transparency, sustainability and good probity in all we do?  How will Brexit effect/influence procurement for Swansea?
  2. Positive social/local procurement:  What is our strategy, vision, aims and objectives in this area? How are we doing against those? For example our Social and Community Benefits Policy including Beyond Bricks and Mortar and clauses in contracts.  How do we ensure maximum spend in the local economy.
  3. Environmentally and ethical procurement practices: What is our strategy, vision, aims and objectives in this area? How are we performing against those? For example, how are we considering future generations and our impact on climate change in our procurement practice?
  4. Equalities Duty: Do we ensure we and those we procure from/with are meeting the general Equalities Duty as specified in the Equality Act 2010 (Public Sector Equality Duty for Wales 2011)
  5. Systems/processes and consistency of approach:  Are there effective and efficient systems/practices/processes in place across the Council to enable effective procurement practice? Are Council Officers consistently applying these practices?
  6. Joint procurement activities and working with others: Procuring with others, for example, to improve our economies of scale, for example NHS and All Wales Purchasers Forum or similar.
  7. Measuring success: How does the council measure how it is meeting its aims of, for example: local, environment and ethical practice? How does the council monitor and enforce those requirements when working with others via for example their Service Level Agreements or Contracts?

The panel is keen to hear from as many members of the public and organisations as possible.

If you wish to submit evidence you can email us at or you can leave a comment on this blog.


  1. Nonn Hughes Evans says

    I am concerned with the lack of provision of housing for the Learning Disabled community. Is the council using the best/ most ethical companies for LD housing? Example – gentleman aged 44 still waiting for supported living within his own community.

    • Selma Abdalla says

      Hi Nonn Hughes Evans,

      Thank you for submitting a question through the Procurement Scrutiny Inquiry Panel. Your question will be raised by the Convener of the Inquiry Panel at the next meeting. If you would like to be updated on the outcome of this meeting then please send us an email to: I will ensure to update you via email of the response and discussion surrounding your question.


  2. I’m not sure this is the right place.
    I wish to raise a concern/proposal regarding the viability on heather crescent, laburnum street and clyne court.
    Since the traffic is obstructed from parked cars and visibility in some turn creating a danger of collision or delay for drivers because no room for two cars I propose a one way drive.
    Hopefully to get a response I send best regards.

    • Selma Abdalla says

      Hi Lidia,

      Thank you for your comment. This Scrutiny Inquiry is only looking at the issue of Procurement within Swansea Council.
      You are able to contact the Highways and Transportation Department to raise this issue. You can do so by emailing:

      Kind Regards,

  3. I am concerned that we have an effective buy local policy. Also that profits from large procurements benefit the local economy

    • Selma Abdalla says

      Thank you for your comment Meic Williams.

      The panel have included local procurement and is looking at that as part of the inquiry.

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