The Economic Inactivity Panel met with Higher Education Providers & Support Services

Yesterday the Economic Inactivity Panel members met up with representatives from Swansea University, Gower College Swansea, Careers West Wales and Info-nation.  The Panel were keen to find out what what work is currently being carried out to help improve the situation in respect of economic inactivity in Swansea. It was interesting to learn about initiatives such as the Steps […]

Scrutiny Councillors Visit Two Communities First Sites

Over the last few days the Economic Inactivity Inquiry Panel members have visited two Communities First sites, to see for themselves the work that is being carried out in the community to help the most disadvantaged people in the most deprived areas. The key priority is to engage with people who are considered to be […]

Communities First – Working to Improve Economic Inactivity

The Inquiry Panel met this week to hear about the work being carried out in Swansea by Communities First, in respect of economic inactivity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Caroline Carter, Community Regeneration Co-ordinator and Ryland Doyle, Cabinet Member for Target Areas, attended the meeting and explained how Communities First is making an appreciable impact on the areas where […]

ECONOMIC INACTIVITY – Discussing the Way Forward

The Economic Inactivity Panel met for the second time on 9th April 2013 to plan its inquiry.  The focus of the Inquiry is to look at how well the Council and its partners are tackling economic inactivity in our communities.    Economic inactivity was identified as a key area for scrutiny to look at, because the […]

Economic Inactivity – A New Inquiry Panel is Underway

 Councillors on the Economic Inactivity Inquiry Panel met for the first time on 27th March 2013, to agree the way forward and to determine how best to answer the question “How Well is the Council and its Partners Tackling Economic Inactivity in our Communities?”   In order to address the main question, the councillors will […]