Want to know what is going on in the world of scrutiny?

Between the Scrutiny Programme Committee, the four performance panels, the two running inquiry panels not to mention the working groups, follow ups and regional work there is a lot of scrutiny going on. If you want to keep up to date on all this exciting work then sign up to our monthly email. This simple […]

Why do we do pre-decision scrutiny?

Pre-decision scrutiny is the process that enables scrutiny councillors to engage with the Cabinet before it takes decisions and there are very good reasons why it should happen. Its an opportunity for consultation with non-executive councillors before Cabinet makes its decision. It enables scrutiny councillors to gain information and develop an understanding on particular issues. […]

Improving our scrutiny inquiry process

We have made some changes to our scrutiny inquiry process over recent months and, as they have been positively received by scrutiny councillors, I thought I would share.  OK, you probably have to be a bit of a scrutiny geek but, if you are, I hope it’s useful. Much of what we have changed flows […]

Public question time introduced

Public Question Time is now on the scrutiny agenda.         There is now more opportunity for the public to get involved in the work of scrutiny and participate in meetings. Scrutiny councillors are committed to getting more members of the public contributing in the work of scrutiny so that they can reflect […]

Scrutiny of ERW: Our regional education consortium

Swansea scrutiny team is excited to be working with scrutiny councillors and officers across South West Wales to provide scrutiny of ERW; the education partnership for the region. ERW (or Education through Regional Working) is a consortium of six councils that supports educational improvement. Each of the six councils makes a contribution ‘in kind’ to […]