What’s the Best Way to Meet the Needs of Children & Young People?

Yesterday the Children, Young People and Learning Overview & Scrutiny Board met and looked at the Team Around the Child Project.  Hilary Davies project manager, Eirion Davies the TAC co-ordinator and Rachael Webb, Headteacher at Hafod Primary School came along to explain progress made.

TAC is an approach to meeting the needs of vulnerable children by getting all the relevant people working together to find the best solutions.  The Children’s Development Workforce Council define TAC (everyone refers to ‘Team Around the Child’ as ‘TAC’) in this way:

The TAC is a model of multi-agency service provision. The TAC brings together a range of different practitioners from across the children and young people’s workforce to support an individual child or young person and their family. The members of the TAC develop and deliver a package of solution-focused support to meet the needs identified through the common assessment.

The model does not imply a multidisciplinary team that is located together or who work together all the time; rather, it suggests a group of practitioners working together as needed to help a particular child or young person.

The presentation (below) gave information on how the project is progressing and some examples of the different types of team being used.

View more presentations from Dave Mckenna.

The Board were supportive of the project and were keen to see it rolled out more widely across Swansea.  In fact they have already highlighted the importance and value of the TAC approach in their Review of Integrated Service Provison for Children & Young People.

One issue they raised was that of training as not all schools that have been offered the TAC training have taken it up.

The Board will continue to monitor progress with this very important initiative are are keen to see that it continues to make a difference to the lives of children in Swansea.

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