How Can We Make Swansea Safer?

Today the Partnership Overview & Scrutiny Committee met to have a look at a draft of the Safer Swansea Strategy.

As you might know, the Safer Swansea Strategy sets out how the police, council and many other partners will work together to reduce crime and anti social behaviour and improve community safety.  The body that brings all these agencies together is the Safer Swansea Partnership and the Safer Swansea Strategy is their responsibility.  The strategy is coming up for renewal and a new one needs to be in place for 2011. 

The reason for today’s meeting was to feed into the consultation on this new strategy.  An early draft was sent out with the papers which you can find here.

The Meeting had this presentation from Superintendent Martin Jones from South Wales Police about the strategy.  It’s really worth having a look at – it shows the big difference that the current strategy has made, includes a lot of interesting statistics and shows the impact that different initiatives are having in Swansea.

View more presentations from Dave Mckenna.

As well as input from the councillors, time was set aside for questions from the public. About 15 people came along and some very good questions were asked.  A detailed write up will be produced to feed into the strategy but in the mean time here is the list of issues I jotted down during the meeting to give you a flavour:

  • Supply of drugs into the city
  • Information about everything going on
  • CCTV – Council and private
  • The ‘bureau’ project
  • The current funding challenge
  • Positive publicity about crime reduction
  • Outcomes and monitoring
  • Powers of police support officers
  • Role of the health board
  • Information sharing / communication in the partnership
  • Role of the courts
  • Referrals to drug agencies
  • Role of private landlords
  • Public perceptions of police numbers

The committee agreed to get an update on the consultation at their next meeting in December.

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