Councillors consider Tourism and its economic benefits to Swansea

The Place Scrutiny Board has recently set up an Inquiry Panel to look at whether Swansea is making the most of its potential as a destination for tourists including whether Swansea maximises the economic benefits. Councillors highlighted Tourism as a key area of inquiry because it is a major economic sector locally.  Tourism spending contributed […]

Place Scrutiny Inquiry Panels agreed…

The Place Scrutiny Board agreed its first Inquiry Panels at a meeting on Monday (23 July).  After a process of prioritisation of potential topics at a recent work planning conference, two topics were proposed.  These being Tourism and Public Transport. Tourism Councillors agreed upon Tourism because it is one of our key economic sectors supporting over 5,398 jobs in […]

What should scrutiny be looking at?

Every year we conduct a survey to find out what people think about scrutiny in Swansea and this year is no exception. We would be really grateful if you could spend a few short minutes of your time answering a couple of questions – we promise it won’t keep you long! We are interested in […]

Hafod Primary School – Partnership Working in Practice

Councillors from the Partnership Overview and Scrutiny Committee visited Hafod Primary School earlier this week. The purpose of the visit was to follow up their scrutiny of Swansea Local Service Board. Specifically the idea was to test some of the things they had been told about the Local Service Board’s Prevention and Early Intervention Programme by […]

Swansea Local Service Board – Making a Difference for Children and Young People?

Last Monday the Partnership Overview and Scrutiny Committee had a presentation on the Prevention and Early Intervention Programme which is one of Swansea Local Service Board’s four projects. The presentation was the second step in the Committee’s ongoing evaluation of whether Swansea Local Service Board is making a difference.  I have blogged before on the Committee’s first […]

Swansea Local Service Board – What Difference Does it Make?

Earlier this week the Partnership Overview & Scrutiny Committee had a close look at Swansea’s Local Service Board.  They were particularly keen to find out what difference it makes and had asked for two presentations to help them find out. This is the first one, given by yours truly, that tried to set the scene with […]