What’s going on in scrutiny in March?

Here is a list of all the meetings taking place in March:   3rd March 2.30pm – Wellbeing Performance Panel 5th March 4pm – Schools Performance Panel 6th March 4pm – Special Scrutiny Programme Committee 11th March 3pm – Social Care at Home Inquiry Panel 13th March 4pm – Inward Investment Inquiry Panel 17th March […]

What’s going on in scrutiny in February?

Here is a list of all the meetings taking place in February:    3rd February 10am Historic Buildings Working Group 3rd February 2.30pm Wellbeing Performance Panel 4th February 4pm Education Inclusion Inquiry Panel 6th February 3.30pm Schools Performance Panel 10th February 11am Service Improvement and Finance Performance Panel 10th February 4pm Social Care at Home Inquiry […]

New Member of Scrutiny Team

This is just a quick post to say ‘Hello’. My name is Juliet Rees and I have recently joined the Overview and Scrutiny Team, covering for Rosie Jackson, who is currently on maternity leave. I am going to be involved with a Panel which will be looking at Economic Inactivity in Swansea, so it would be […]

What should scrutiny be looking at?

Every year we conduct a survey to find out what people think about scrutiny in Swansea and this year is no exception. We would be really grateful if you could spend a few short minutes of your time answering a couple of questions – we promise it won’t keep you long! We are interested in […]

My Experience of Scrutiny at Swansea Council

For the last couple of weeks we have had Eve McFadzean, an undergraduate from Cardiff University Politics Department, on placement with us.  This was our second politics student placement for the year – the first being Andrew Jenkins.  Both placements have been a real pleasure to host and I think that there has been a real benefit […]

Our Surveys Said

We have run a couple of surveys recently to get an idea of what topics people thought should be looked at by the overview and scrutiny boards. The first survey was through Swansea Voices – the Council’s citizen’s panel.  We had 85 suggestions back from this.  The second survey was an internal survey of staff and councillors and we […]