Continuity and renewal – meet the new scrutiny work programme

A new work programme has now been agreed, with a varied selection of topics that councillors plan to look at over the coming year. It represents both continuity and renewal to ensure that scrutiny is always looking at the right things. But before we get to that, a little about how we got here…   […]

What’s happening with the Service Improvement & Finance Scrutiny Panel

The Service Improvement and Finance Scrutiny Panel is the body of the Council with responsibility for making sure that the Council’s budget, corporate and service improvement arrangements are effective and efficient. Between now and Christmas it will hold three meetings covering a range of topics including: 23 November   Corporate Complaints Annual Report New Digital Strategy Quarterly […]

Scrutiny Dispatches – Making an Impact

Scrutiny Dispatches is now a quarterly report about the impact made by scrutiny demonstrating how scrutiny is making a difference, with examples of specific outcomes and achievements.           Here’s the latest round-up: 1. Making the most of Swansea’s potential as a destination for tourists (Lead: Councillor John Newbury) In January 2014 Cabinet […]

Scrutiny Dispatches – November 2014

    Here’s this month’s roundup of the work of scrutiny:           1. How can we improve public engagement? (Lead: Councillor Joe Hale) The Public Engagement Scrutiny Inquiry Panel completed its look at ways in which the Council could improve its engagement practices with the public, staff and external stakeholders, and […]

Scrutiny Dispatches – October 2014

Every month council receives an update from scrutiny about the work it has been doing. It aims to provide the headlines, typically with one major story each time, to raise awareness and visibility of the work and impact of scrutiny.           Here’s this months roundup: 1. Good Scrutiny? Good Question! (Lead: […]