Continuity and renewal – meet the new scrutiny work programme

A new work programme has now been agreed, with a varied selection of topics that councillors plan to look at over the coming year. It represents both continuity and renewal to ensure that scrutiny is always looking at the right things. But before we get to that, a little about how we got here…   […]

Focussing on what matters

Over the past year we have asked the public to rate the importance of scrutiny inquiry topics. In total the public have rated the 5 inquiry topics that have taken place this year. The results, obtained from the Swansea Voices Citizens Panel, show the topics in ranked order of importance:  Streetscene – Road and footway […]

New Work for Scrutiny

Following on from the work planning conference the Scrutiny Programme Committee has now agreed scrutiny priorities for the year ahead.  The Scrutiny Work Programme consists of topics that are examined through various informal panels and working groups as well as work undertaken by the committee itself.  This includes work that is ongoing or already committed, either […]

Focusing on What Matters – Planning the Year Ahead

 Yesterday scrutiny councillors took part in their second annual work planning conference. As with last year’s event, the aim was to prioritise a small number of topics for in depth work.  The key is get the maximum impact by focusing on the issues where scrutiny can make the biggest difference.  This means finding those areas that have […]

What matters to the public?

We are constantly asking the public to rate the importance of scrutiny inquiry topics. Over the past 2 years we have asked the public to rate the importance of 14 different scrutiny topics. The results below shows the topics in ranked order of importance: Tackling unemployment and economic inactivity (51%) Literacy in schools (45%) Attainment and wellbeing of […]