Scrutiny to follow up on affordable housing recommendations

The Affordable Housing Scrutiny Inquiry Panel is meeting on Wednesday to assess the impact of their report into affordable housing, which took place during 2013. The inquiry looked at ways the Council and its partners could  increase the overall supply of affordable housing in Swansea. You can download a copy of the full report in our scrutiny […]

What can we do to increase inward investment?

The Inward Investment Scrutiny Inquiry found that Swansea has many assets that could potentially encourage investment to the area like, for example, superfast Broadband, good transport links, relatively low property and rental costs, a large ready loyal labour force and facilities for training, research and development through our Universities and colleges locally.  However, it highlighted that […]

Cabinet agree with scrutiny report for improving the attainment and wellbeing of children in Schools

Cabinet formally responded to the Attainment and Wellbeing Scrutiny Inquiry report on 1 July. The inquiry considered how schools, the Council and partners can improve wellbeing in Schools. Cabinet has welcomed the report and agreed all 12 recommendations made by Panel and actions to implement these. The Inquiry Panel will monitor these actions over the […]

An innovative way of scrutinising school performance

Councillors in Swansea have developed an innovative way of scrutising school performance in Swansea.  They have been meeting with schools, chairs of governors and system leaders to identify good practice and to look at schools that may be causing concern.  They have a preparation session with the individual schools system leader and then meet the […]

Do we need to improve our local parks?

Concerns were raised at a meeting in May 2013 about the attention given to the upkeep of  local parks in Swansea and it was suggested at the time that more work may need to be carried out. As a result, a working group was set up, to look at the parks service in Swansea, how these are being […]