Cabinet agree with scrutiny report for improving the attainment and wellbeing of children in Schools


Cabinet formally responded to the Attainment and Wellbeing Scrutiny Inquiry report on 1 July. The inquiry considered how schools, the Council and partners can improve wellbeing in Schools. Cabinet has welcomed the report and agreed all 12 recommendations made by Panel and actions to implement these. The Inquiry Panel will monitor these actions over the next year and report back to the Scrutiny Programme Committee its view about progress and the impact of the inquiry. 

The Panel’s recommendations focussed on ensuring that schools recognised the link between emotional wellbeing and attainment and that children first and foremost need to feel happy, safe and secure in order to be prepared to learn in the classroom.   Cabinet also recognised that a number of the recommendations related to school governors and acknowledged that a wider piece of work is required to explore issues around best practice and mandatory training requirements for school governors.

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