What matters to the public?

We are constantly asking the public to rate the importance of scrutiny inquiry topics. Over the past 2 years we have asked the public to rate the importance of 14 different scrutiny topics.

The results below shows the topics in ranked order of importance:

Tackling unemployment and economic inactivity (51%)
Literacy in schools (45%)
Attainment and wellbeing of children and young people (44%)
Swansea City Centre (41%)
Support for care leavers (41%)
Improving services for looked after children (37%)
Public transport and social inclusion (35%)
Role of teaching assistants (34%)
The supply of affordable housing (32%)
Recycling (27%)
Corporate parenting (25%)
Tourism and its economic benefits (24%)
Shared services (16%)
Community alarms (10%) 

Figures in brackets show % Swansea Voices respondents who agree that the topic is extremely important.

 This information will form part of the presentation that will be shown to councillors at the Annual Scrutiny Work Planning Conference which will take place next week. At this conference councillors will have the difficult task of prioritising the work of scrutiny for the coming year.

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