Ensuring that care leavers access education, training and employment

NEETs, this is the acronym used to describe a young person who is “not in education, employment of training”.  When the Child & Family Services Scrutiny Panel met last week to look at the end of year performance monitoring report for Child & Family Services it saw that over half of formerly looked after children were not in […]

Scrutiny councillors publish report on services for looked after children

The Looked After Children Scrutiny Inquiry Panel has completed the inquiry into how support services for looked after children in Swansea can be improved.  The report, which will be presented to the Scrutiny Programme Committee on Monday 10th June, contains the conclusions and recommendations of the panel after 6 months of evidence gathering. The topic was chosen […]

Improving the experiences of looked after children scrutiny inquiry draws to a close

The scrutiny inquiry panel set up to examine how services for looked after children in Swansea can be improved has just completed its evidence gathering.   The key question the inquiry sought to answer was: how can the local authority improve the experience of looked after children in Swansea when they access services from the Council and partners. The […]

How will the Council reduce the numbers of looked after children?

The Child & Family Services Performance Panel met last week to examine recent performance in Child & Family Services.  In particular, the panel focused on the high numbers of children in the care of the authority (looked after children) and how the authority will sustainably and safely reduce the numbers of children entering the care […]

Wellbeing in Swansea’s Schools

The Attainment and Wellbeing Scrutiny Inquiry Panel have visited four schools including two comprehensives, one primary and the primary pupil referral unit. The Panel have found each visit informative. It has helped them understand some of the issues schools are facing in relation to wellbeing, including the barriers that schools must overcome, as well as their significant achievements. […]

Child & family services performance panel gets underway

The Child & Family Services Scrutiny Performance Panel met for the first time last week.  The performance panel is a sub-group of the People Scrutiny Board.  The People Scrutiny Board agreed that performance of child and family social services was an important area for scrutiny to continue to focus on given the recent history and […]