Street scene services need to change to reflect the changing financial position of the Council

Street scene services are and remain critical services for the people of Swansea. It’s the one side of the Council that every citizen uses and interacts with on a daily basis.  The Council is facing very serious financial restrictions which means that service delivery will become increasingly difficult.  Resident groups and individuals who provided evidence to […]

Scrutiny councillors publish report on services for looked after children

The Looked After Children Scrutiny Inquiry Panel has completed the inquiry into how support services for looked after children in Swansea can be improved.  The report, which will be presented to the Scrutiny Programme Committee on Monday 10th June, contains the conclusions and recommendations of the panel after 6 months of evidence gathering. The topic was chosen […]

Public Transport Scrutiny Panel continues work

It’s been a while since we blogged about the public transport scrutiny inquiry, we thought we’d better provide an update on progress. The panel has been really busy gathering evidence from people and organisations who are linked with public transport provision or who are experts in the field. The panel has held a number of […]