Street scene services need to change to reflect the changing financial position of the Council

Street scene services are and remain critical services for the people of Swansea. It’s the one side of the Council that every citizen uses and interacts with on a daily basis.  The Council is facing very serious financial restrictions which means that service delivery will become increasingly difficult.  Resident groups and individuals who provided evidence to […]

How we can reduce the amount of litter dropped on our streets?

Environmental enforcement has helped to reduce the amount of litter being dropped on the streets in Swansea.  A team of 4 enforcement officers as well as a media campaign and an education programme has meant that people are dropping less litter. This does mean that people are getting fixed penalty notices of £75 for dropping […]

Tell us what you think of your neighbourhood environment

Scrutiny councillors in Swansea are looking at how the council can improve services that keep your neighbourhood environment clean and well functioning but with less money.  As part of this inquiry they would like to hear about your experiences of these services.  A workshop is being held on the 11th June at 5pm in Committee Room […]