Place Scrutiny Inquiry Panels agreed…

The Place Scrutiny Board agreed its first Inquiry Panels at a meeting on Monday (23 July).  After a process of prioritisation of potential topics at a recent work planning conference, two topics were proposed.  These being Tourism and Public Transport. Tourism Councillors agreed upon Tourism because it is one of our key economic sectors supporting over 5,398 jobs in […]

Praise for Scrutiny in Key Inspection Report

Along with praise for staff working to deliver improvements to vulnerable children in Swansea inspectors commended scrutiny councillors for the way they have made a difference. The Care and Social Services Inspectorate (CSSIW) has published its findings following a review of Child and Family Services access arrangements. The report was discussed by Cabinet last week. […]

Care Leaver Recommendations Agreed

Cabinet has accepted all of the recommendations made by the Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board in relation to its review of support to care leavers in Swansea.  Cabinet formally considered the scrutiny report last Thursday. The Cabinet Member for Wellbeing, Cllr Mark Child, presented a paper proposing a response to the recommendations. […]

What should the Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board Look at Next?

On the 4th April the Board will meet for the final time in this council year. It will take the opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved over the past year, and any lessons learnt that will help improve the effectiveness of the Board. It will also consider areas for future scrutiny.  The Board has […]

Improving Services to Disabled Children

At its last meeting the Board followed up on a review that it carried out in 2010. The Board had published a report following evidence gathering regarding Eligibility Criteria for Services to Disabled Children. The recommendations from this review were considered by Cabinet in July 2010. Six of the seven recommendations made by the Board […]

Reviewing success

The Children, Young People and Learning Overview and Scrutiny Board at their meeting on Monday 19th March will look at the Strategic Plan for Children and Young People 2011–2014 in order to review the success indicators as at March 2012. The focus of this report is on the 22 success indicators within the plan which were […]