Improving Services to Disabled Children

At its last meeting the Board followed up on a review that it carried out in 2010. The Board had published a report following evidence gathering regarding Eligibility Criteria for Services to Disabled Children.

The recommendations from this review were considered by Cabinet in July 2010. Six of the seven recommendations made by the Board were accepted. Having already been provided with an action plan by the Cabinet Member in October 2010, the Board reviewed progress in relation to implementation in June 2011 and a final follow up took place in March 2012

As a result of the Board’s work:

  •  existing eligibility criteria for services to disabled children has been reviewed and a final draft of a revised and updated eligibility criteria has been produced.   
  • consultation with parents / carers is being strengthened.
  • a newsletter has been produced for those disabled children (and families) registered on the Authority’ Child Disability Index.
  • the Child Disability Index will be widely publicised and registration encouraged so that it both becomes an effective tool of communication and consultation and to assist in the effective planning of future services throughout the City and County.

The Board was pleased to see that all of its recommendations had either been implemented or in progress. The Board was pleased that it had helped to make a difference to improving services for disabled children in Swansea. The Board accepted progress and agreed to conclude monitoring of the recommendations.


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