Call for Evidence: School Governance Scrutiny Inquiry

A new scrutiny inquiry panel has started that is looking at ways in which School Governors can be better supported to ensure that schools are performing well and improving. Over the next few months the Panel will be looking into many aspects of the work of school governors and will look to answer the question ‘How can the […]

How can we improve behaviour in schools in order to improve performance?

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel will meet with the Councils Chief Education Officer and relevant staff from the education department to discuss what is being done to help schools deal with behaviour issues in order to improve pupil outcomes and the overall performance of schools in Swansea. Councillors will be discussing Swansea’s behaviour strategy, how […]

Scrutiny looks at how schools deal with staff competency issues

The Schools Performance Panel at their meeting on the 3 July looked at how the authority tackles the issue of poor performing teachers and the recruitment of senior staff in schools.  The Chief Education Officer and Head of Human Resources attended the meeting to discuss a number of specific issues, particularly around the amount and accuracy […]

Scrutiny looks at how schools deal with staff competency issues

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, at their meeting today will look at  how the Council advises and supports schools when dealing with poorly performing teachers and also when recruiting senior staff into schools.  This is one of the issues that was highlighted for further work by the Panel when they spoke to schools over the […]

What will the Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel look at this year?

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel at their last meeting discussed their work programme for the coming year. The Panels brief is to provide ongoing challenge to schools performance to ensure that pupils in Swansea are receiving high quality education; and the authority is meeting its objectives in relation to improving school standards and pupil attainment. […]

Involving children and young people is key to improving wellbeing in schools

How schools, the council and partners meet the emotional needs of children is vital to improving both the wellbeing and the attainment of children and young people in our schools.  In the drive to constantly improve educational standards,  young people’s wellbeing must be considered.  Schools must consistently recognise the importance of wellbeing matters not only […]