How can we improve behaviour in schools in order to improve performance?


The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel will meet with the Councils Chief Education Officer and relevant staff from the education department to discuss what is being done to help schools deal with behaviour issues in order to improve pupil outcomes and the overall performance of schools in Swansea.

Councillors will be discussing Swansea’s behaviour strategy, how behaviour impacts on performance, what the key challenges are to improving behaviour and how the local authority can help schools to improve?

The Panel have also contacted a number of schools across Swansea to ask their views on a number of issues relating to this which will also be discussed at the meeting including:

  • How schools believe behaviour issues impact on their school’s performance
  • Whether schools find restorative practice methods help to address behaviour issues
  • How issues relating to drugs and alcohol affect the schools pupil population and in turn how that affects the schools performance

The meeting will take place on Thursday 13 November at 3.30pm and will be held in the Civic Centre.  If you would like further information about this meeting or about scrutiny more generally you can contact us at

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