Seven reasons to love your scrutiny annual report

Last week the Scrutiny Annual Report was reported to Swansea’s Council Meeting. You can download it here. OK, it might not be the most exciting document ever produced but, for anyone involved in scrutiny, it really is important and, as many Councils produce them, they might as well be a worthwhile exercise. So I thought […]

Supporting local democracy and good governance

Our annual report for the last 12 months has now been published. It gives a summary of what we have done, the feedback we have received and the things we want to improve in future. It is an important document for us. It shows that we are transparent in our work and open to scrutiny! […]

Do You Think We Are Making a Difference?

Measuring the effectiveness of scrutiny is no easy task but an important one nevertheless.  Councillors want to know that the scrutiny work that they have been doing has been done well and, more to the point, has made a difference.  In Swansea we have recently adopted a results based approach and used 19 different indicators […]

What should the Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board Look at Next?

On the 4th April the Board will meet for the final time in this council year. It will take the opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved over the past year, and any lessons learnt that will help improve the effectiveness of the Board. It will also consider areas for future scrutiny.  The Board has […]

What should the Environment & Communities Overview & Scrutiny Board investigate next?

The Environment & Communities Overview & Scrutiny Board will hold its last meeting of the municipal year on 17th April. They will use the meeting to reflect on how they have worked together this year and how they could improve next year. During 2011/12 the Board held 13 formal board meetings, 10 task and finish […]

‘A Year in Children, Young People and Learning’

The Children, Young People and Learning Overview and Scrutiny Board, at its meeting on the 16th April, will review the years activities, discuss those areas for future scrutiny and any lessons learnt from their work.  The Board have had 11 Board meetings, 12 task and finish groups and looked at over 20 issues.  Some of the […]