Learning from the Swansea Youth Offender Service

Yesterday the Partnership Overview and Scrutiny Committee had a presentation from Eddie Isles, the Youth Offending Team Manager, on how the Youth Offending Service works in Swansea. In case you don’t know, here is the service in a nutshell: Swansea Youth Offending Service is a multi-agency approach to youth offending. The staff group comprises of social workers, […]

How Can We Make Swansea Safer?

Today the Partnership Overview & Scrutiny Committee met to have a look at a draft of the Safer Swansea Strategy. As you might know, the Safer Swansea Strategy sets out how the police, council and many other partners will work together to reduce crime and anti social behaviour and improve community safety.  The body that brings all […]

Scrutiny of the Crime and Disorder Partnership

Earlier today the Partnership Overview & Scrutiny Committee met for the first time. Whilst they are able to look at any aspects of partnership working in Swansea it is likely that they will focus mainly on the Safer Swansea Partnership and the Better Swansea Partnership. To help them decide what areas they might want to […]