Scrutiny of the Crime and Disorder Partnership

Earlier today the Partnership Overview & Scrutiny Committee met for the first time.

Whilst they are able to look at any aspects of partnership working in Swansea it is likely that they will focus mainly on the Safer Swansea Partnership and the Better Swansea Partnership.

To help them decide what areas they might want to look at in terms of the Safer Swansea Partnership they had a presentation from Chief Superintendent Mark Mathias (South Wales Police) and Jeff Davison, Community Strategy Coordinator (City & County of Swansea).  The presentation is below.

View more presentations from Dave Mckenna.

The remit of the committee is a broad one and priorities will need to be considered carefully.  They have agreed to hold an additional meeting to work out exactly what their priorities should be and the best way for them to make a difference.

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