What should Children, Young People and Learning Board look at next year?

The Board met for the last time this Council year on Monday 18th April where they reviewed the years work, considering what went well, want didn’t go so well and pondering on potential topics for the new Council year starting in June.

 Councillors were particularly pleased with their in-depth review into literacy across Swansea, feeling that the recommendations arising (agreed at Cabinet on 7th April) will have a real impact.  The Board was keen to closely monitor progress with this.

All the Overview and Scrutiny Boards will have this discussion and will begin work planning for the year ahead.  The Children, Young People and Learning Board have suggested some possible topics for in-depth review for the coming year including:

  • Effectiveness of the use of LSA’s across the Primary Sector
  • Role of and support for  School Governors
  • 0-3 years literacy development

Your views on the suggested topics is welcome and if you have any ideas for other possible items please let us know.

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