What should the Health Social Care & Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board investigate next year?

The Health Social Care & Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board met today for the last time this year and had a report which reviewed the work it carried out this year.  You can find the report here

 The Board also received its final report and recommendations on how the Council can support the elderly in the community.  Councillors agreed their review report, subject to a few small changes, and will now send this on to the Cabinet Member for his response.

 The scrutiny councillors also reflected on how they had worked together this year and how they could improve next year.  Councillors agreed that pre-meetings could be better used and that an increase in the Cabinet Member’s attendance at Board meetings would be beneficial.

 The scrutiny councillors discussed ideas for next year’s work plan and suggested the following as a start to the work planning process:

  • Future delivery of adult social care – challenge to the development of the business case
  • Suresprung review

 The new Chair and Vice-Chair will meet with officers and partners in the next few weeks to talk about other suggestions for the board’s work during 2011/12.

 The board is keen to find out what the residents of Swansea think are important issues, so if you have any comments on the ideas listed above, or any other suggestions that you think would be relevant, please let us know.

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