A Regional Integrated School Improvement Service

The Children, Young People and Learning Overview and Scrutiny Board at its meeting on the 12th September discussed the welsh expectation in relation to Education and the developments in the South West and Mid Wales Consortium. This report had been discussed and agreed by Cabinet on the 25th August 2011.

Leighton Andrews the Minister for Education and Skills had recently reinforced his expectations about:

  1. the importance of rapidly raising standards especially when compared internationally with other countries and to be in the top 20% within five years.
  2. school improvement services being delivered on a regional basis through one of the four consortium of which the South West and Mid Wales Consortium is one.
  3. increasing the level of delegation of available funding to schools to 85% by 2013/2014.

The Board began to look particularly at point 2, investigating the implications of this directive and how it will affect Swansea schools and importantly help raise educational standards.

The Board were keen to keep a close eye on progess and plan to monitor the potential educational impact over the coming year.

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