Health Social Care & Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board

The Board meets next Tuesday, 1st November, at 10am in Committee Room 1 at the Civic Centre.  This meeting has a busy agenda and will see the Board meet the new Corporate Director (Social Services), engage with Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board on the progress of the Health Social Care & Well Being Strategy,  monitor the outcomes of the ongoing rota visits to care home establishments and look at the development and implementation of the Carers Strategies Measure .

The progress report on the Health Social Care & Well Being Strategy will focus on the work to make Swansea a healthier city by tackling substance misuse, increasing levels of physical activity and developing environments that encourage good health.  The progress report will also address the development of Primary & Community Care Networks and you can read  more about what these are in the Health Social Care & Well Being Strategy.

The Carers Strategies Measure presents an opportunity for collaborative working within the area covered by Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board.  The Measure places a duty on the NHS and Local Authorities in Wales to work jointly to prepare, publish and implement a joint strategy relating to Carers. The strategy must focus on the provision of information and advice to carers and engagement with them in decisions about the provision of services to them or the person they care for.

The Board requested that officers bring a report to explain the Carers Measure and to outline how the local authority supports carers.  The Board will then decide if it wishes to undertake a scrutiny exercise in this policy area.

All our overview & scrutiny board meetings are held in public so feel free to come along and take a seat in the public gallery.

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