Impact of Welfare Reforms

The Stronger & Safer Communities Scrutiny Board is holding a special meeting next week to talk about the impact of welfare reforms.

The Board has expressed concern about the possible impact of the UK Government’s welfare reforms on communities in Swansea, and wish to understand plans to deal with those impacts.

The Board recognises that the reforms being implemented in 2012 and, particularly, those due to be implemented in 2013 represent a big change to the welfare system and will be far-reaching.

The purpose of this meeting will be to introduce the key issues and headline facts about the changes, and provide information about the likely implications of the reforms.

For this initial overview the Board will hear from officers in the Council’s Social Inclusion Unit, who will provide information about the welfare reform and possible impacts, and deal with questions.

The meeting takes place on Thursday 27th September at 4.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber in the Civic Centre and is open to the public.

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  1. You might be interested in Hackney’s review of welfare reform impact, which was completed in September

  2. Cllr Paul Mitchell says

    Cardiff has done some major welfare reform study and is looking again at the bedroom tax and bedroom reclassification issues. You need to factor in brutal ESA appeals, payday loans, council tax benefit reductions etc but something that is missing from many studies is the removal of legal aid and legal services commission grants in April – some advice charities are claiming to be specialist advice providers but do not provide advocacy, help with tribunal forms etc. but claim dwindling council grant resources. This happens because councillors and officers do not grasp the fundamental differences between specialist and generalist advice basically 8hrs v 15 mins – so specialist advice is always portrayed as not value for money. The loss of this last safety net has not been fully appreciated. Good luck.

    • Brij Madahar says

      Thanks for your comments. The Scrutiny Working Group is being reconvened for a follow up meeting on Monday 22 July to reflect on experiences so far and preparations for changes ahead. I will pass your comments to the Group as it will help them in asking the right questions.

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