Six essential things that trees do for us

Trees are an essential part of the urban landscape and scrutiny councillors in Swansea recently heard about the important work that the Council carries out to ensure that trees are protected and preserved. Councillors heard from the Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development & Regeneration, and officers from the Council’s Landscaping and Parks Services. Councillors discussed the […]

Scrutinising the Welsh Housing Quality Standard

Scrutiny Councillors recently set up a working group to meet with Councillor Andrea Lewis,  the Cabinet Member for New Generation Services, who has responsibility for Council Housing, in order to discuss the Council’s progress towards achieving the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS). The Standard requires all social landlords to improve their housing stock to an acceptable […]

Tackling the issue of tethered horses

Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea are looking at the issue of horses tethered on public land.  They are considering a petition by a group called Friends of Swansea Horses that calls for the tethering of horses to be banned. At a recent public meeting they heard evidence about the poor condition of many of the horses […]

Swansea’s Flood Risk Management plans under scrutiny

A meeting of the Local Flood Risk Management Scrutiny Working Group will take place on Thursday (13 Nov, 10am meeting room 3.4.1 Civic Centre). The Working Group will be consulted on the Council’s progress towards delivering the Flood Risk Management Plan for Swansea. This is a follow on from scrutiny work that was carried out […]

Swansea Councillors look at Car Parking

Scrutiny Councillors plan to meet later in September to discuss car parking in Swansea. They have been given a brief by the Scrutiny Programme Committee  for one off working group to raise issues and ask questions about the quality of car parking provision across Swansea including service performance and plans for improvement. The working group […]

Affordable housing on the agenda again

A new scrutiny working group has been set up.