Swansea Councillors look at Car Parking


Scrutiny Councillors plan to meet later in September to discuss car parking in Swansea. They have been given a brief by the Scrutiny Programme Committee  for one off working group to raise issues and ask questions about the quality of car parking provision across Swansea including service performance and plans for improvement.

The working group will meet with the relevant officers from the Council.  Some of the questions the working group plan ask include:

  • How much the provision of the car parking service costs in Swansea?
  • What the income is from the service?
  • Whether there is adequate availability of car parking provision?
  • Whether the car parking provision is of adequate quality?
  • How well does the service perform including how well do we perform in comparison to other local authority areas?
  • What plans there are for improvement to car parking in Swansea?

If you would like to find out more about this working group or about scrutiny in Swansea more generally you can contact us at scrutiny@swansea.gov.uk

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  1. Hugh Williams says:

    With the planning requirement for parking provision on new planning Applications requiring at
    Least 5% parking for motorcyclists, or correctively, powered two wheelers, with the requirements for the appropriately sized space, what provision is there in swansea for such facilities for PTW riders? It is not a question about there is a small amount of these vehicles on the roads it is about following the parking policy requirement as endorsed by the council to provide such facilities in order to stop discriminating against these users. In fact to provide appropriate facility would attract more users and attribute to less congestion. Furthermore it must be noted that the on street parking hoop is not good enough. Perhaps if the members would be so good as to read the parking requirements for parking provision then perhaps there would be a greater understanding. Please bear in mind we are a holiday resort and there are a lot of older riders who are always looking for a ride out. Swansea should be seeking to accommodate such people especially the international touring rider.

    • Thank you for your comment, it will be discussed by the Panel when they meet later this week. If you would like more information about this scrutiny work and its outcomes you can forward me you email address and I will keep you informed. Alternatively I will be posting more on this blog as the work progresses.

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