Affordable housing on the agenda again


Photo credit: City & County of Swansea

A new scrutiny working group has been set up.

Councillors will be discussing the idea of a single housing waiting list for affordable housing in Swansea. This would mean establishing one point of contact for people who wish to apply for  housing, whether it would be from the Council or one of Swansea’s Housing Associations. The suggestion to look at this idea in a bit more detail came from Councillors on the Affordable Housing Inquiry Panel that met last year.

The working group will meet with some of the Council’s housing experts to pick their brains about whether this would be a feasible idea. The group will also revisit some of the evidence provided by Housing Association representatives during the Affordable Housing Inquiry last year.

The meeting will take place on 12th February at 2.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend, please ring 01792 636292 for further details.