Delivering child protection through Signs of Safety

The Well Being Performance Panel wanted to find out how Child & Family Services was using the Signs of Safety model to safeguard children identified as “at risk” in Swansea.

The Signs of Safety model is a tool intended to help practitioners with risk assessment and safety planning in child protection cases.

Its purpose is to enable practitioners across different disciplines to work collaboratively and in partnership with families and children. The tools are designed to help conduct risk assessments and produce action plans for increasing safety, and to reduce risk and danger by identifying areas that need change while focusing on strengths, resources and networks that the family have.

image depicting Early Years Board

Councillors on the performance panel said that this was a positive and innovative way to deliver child protection and that it was a good preventative and early intervention measure.  Councillors were impressed with the success of the social work teams when the signs of safety framework had been used.

Councillors have now asked that the Cabinet Member for Well Being, Councillor Mark Child, give his views on the need to demonstrate positive longer term outcomes of this model and that they are  kept informed of any learning and/or research on the Signs of Safety model.

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