Budget Scrutiny meeting on 5 February

Budget - creative commons flickrA  meeting of the council’s Service Improvement & Finance Scrutiny Performance Panel will take place on  Thursday 5 February at 12pm in Committee Room 2, Civic Centre. Councillor Rob Stewart (Leader of the Council) and the Council’s Head of Finance will field questions from councillors and the public about proposals which aim to save £81m over the next three years. It’s all part of the countdown to a Full Council meeting on February 24 at which the budget for next year will be set.

The Panel will put its findings and observations in a letter to the Leader so that they can be taken into account when Cabinet meets to discuss the budget on February 10.

The meeting is open to the public. If people wish to attend in order to ask a question they should contact Scrutiny Team on 636292. Questions can be submitted via email scrutiny@swansea.gov.uk) , telephone or here on the scrutiny blog page.


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  1. Keith Stephens says:

    In a letter from Cllr Mark Child (21/11/14) it was stated that ‘Equality Impact Assessments’ of the proposed changes/cuts to learning disability day care/respite services would be reported in Dec. 2014.
    Q. What were the conclusions of the Impact Assessments? Are they published for public viewing?
    Q. Will the proposed £400k – £800k cuts to this service still take place?

    Keith Stephens (Pontarddulais)

    • Rosie Jackson says:

      Thanks for your question. We’ve added it to the list. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting tomorrow.

  2. joseph ioan stock says:

    1. How are the main priorities of the budget decided?
    2. What monies are included in the budget to finance the City Centre Development?
    3. Is money being spent on the proposed development that could be spent on vital statutory services?
    4. How much Council Tax money is being spent on the City Centre Development bearing in mind that the whole cost would fall on Swansea Council Tax payers?
    5 Is Council Tax money being spent to subsidize private business?

    • Rosie Jackson says:

      Thanks for your questions. We’ve added it to the list. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting tomorrow.

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