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Local Service Board Scrutiny Panel meeting Monday 4 January 2016

The Local Service Board Scrutiny Panel will be meeting at 4.00pm on Monday 4 January 2016 in Committee Room 4 (Guildhall). At the meeting the Panel will continue to consider the Local Service Board’s contribution to addressing the challenge of Older People’s Independence. The overarching question that the Panel is seeking to address is “What […]

Public question time introduced

Public Question Time is now on the scrutiny agenda.         There is now more opportunity for the public to get involved in the work of scrutiny and participate in meetings. Scrutiny councillors are committed to getting more members of the public contributing in the work of scrutiny so that they can reflect […]

Scrutiny of ERW: Our regional education consortium

Swansea scrutiny team is excited to be working with scrutiny councillors and officers across South West Wales to provide scrutiny of ERW; the education partnership for the region. ERW (or Education through Regional Working) is a consortium of six councils that supports educational improvement. Each of the six councils makes a contribution ‘in kind’ to […]