Archives for March 2016

Steps forward made in inward investment across the Swansea Bay City Region

Councillors, at a scrutiny meeting on the 3 March, were pleased to hear that major steps forward had been made in relation to inward investment in the Swansea Bay City Region and that the outstanding recommendations made by the Panel to Cabinet last year had been put in place. The Panel felt that the creation of […]

Scrutinising the Welsh Housing Quality Standard

Scrutiny Councillors recently set up a working group to meet with Councillor Andrea Lewis,  the Cabinet Member for New Generation Services, who has responsibility for Council Housing, in order to discuss the Council’s progress towards achieving the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS). The Standard requires all social landlords to improve their housing stock to an acceptable […]

Budget Scrutiny Outcomes

  The Service Improvement and Finance Scrutiny Performance Panel held its annual budget scrutiny meeting on 10 February, which was attended by Councillor Rob  Stewart, Cabinet Member for Finance and Strategy (Leader), along with Ben Smith, the Chief Accountant. The purpose of the meeting was for the Panel to consider the  Budget report before the Cabinet […]