Speaking to Communities about Community Action

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Councillors met with 15 representatives from different Community Centres across Swansea on the 18 May in order to gain their views and knowledge about running a community asset.  Councillors from the Building Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel are carrying out an inquiry into Community Action including how we can assist communities to take on services and assets that the Council are no longer able to manage.

The Panel had a lively meeting where everyone gave their views about the barriers to people taking on services and what would help communities to manage and sustain a community asset.

Some of the issues discussed included:

  • The value and importance of support and expertise available from the Council and other organisations
  • The importance of the availability of the training in aspects of managing a community asset including for example fire safety, health and safety, establishing a committee
  • How the community and the council perceives volunteers
  • Valuing volunteers and raising the profile of volunteering
  • The commitment and involvement of communities in services. If they do not become involved they may lose those assets/services.

The evidence the panel gathered from this meeting will considered alongside their other work at their next meeting on the 22 June, where they will discuss the recommendations they will make to Cabinet for improving the impact of Community Action in Swansea.

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