Transforming Adult Services

Back in October 2014 a scrutiny panel was set up to look at the changes that were taking place in adult services to have the kind of services that were needed to meet the demands of an aging population, smaller budgets and the Social Services and Well Being Act.

Over the course of 18 months the scrutiny panel, called the transformation of adult social services, TASS for short, talked to officers, partners, cabinet members, visited community service hubs and met social workers and health professionals.  The councillors on the TASS panel examined financial information about the costs of services, looked at budget proposals and academic research reports.

In April the TASS panel concluded its work with a short report to the Cabinet Member for Adults and Vulnerable People which detailed its conclusions.  The panel also thought that the Cabinet Member would benefit from seeing all the evidence it gathered.  The panel asked that the Cabinet Member use the panel’s evidence and conclusions in the development of adult social services.  The Cabinet Member has agreed to respond to the panel’s report towards the end of June.

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