How effective are the tools and techniques for intervention for schools?


Scrutiny Councillors are interested to find out how effective the tools and techniques for intervention are for schools in Swansea and plan to speak to different Headteachers in Swansea’s to gauge the opinions of the different interventions used in schools in the locality.

The Schools Scrutiny Panel Councillors will meet with the Headteacher Peter Evans from Sketty Primary School at their meeting on the 29 September to start this exercise.  They have agreed on a set of key questions that they will discuss with him and the other Headteachers that they speak to, these include:

  1. What intervention and initiatives do you use?
  2. How do you monitor the success of your interventions and initiatives?
  3. Which have been most successful?
  4. Which have not been so successful?
  5. What are the main barriers/challenges to developing these intervention and initiative programmes further?
  6. How did you hear about these particular interventions and initiatives?
  7. Give on example of the process of implementation of one of the intervention or initiatives programmes?
  8. How do you fund the intervention programmes you use?
  9. How do you share your good practice?
  10. How do you use good practice to help improve the interventions and initiatives you use?
  11. Do you have or have you seen any interventions or initiatives that you might consider implementing in the future?

The Panel will feedback their views and recommendations arising from this exercise via a letter to the Cabinet Member for Education.

If you would like to observe this meeting or would like further information on this or scrutiny more generally you can find out more at

Photo credit: Sketty Primary School

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