How do we ensure children have the best start in life?

Photo credit: City & County of Swansea

Photo credit: City & County of Swansea

There is considerable international evidence from a wide spectrum of leading academics and practitioners that investment in the Early Years will break the cycle of disadvantage by changing children’s life chances so that they are better able to make a positive contribution to society and at the same time reduce the need for very costly remedial services across the public sector.

A new Scrutiny Panel has been set up to look at children’s readiness for school in Swansea.  Ensuring that children when they start school are ready to learn.

The Panel will speak to:

  • Parents/carers
  • Flying Starts settings/primary schools
  • A Family Centre
  • The GP’s partnership project
  • Health Visitors
  • Public Health Wales
  • University of Wales Trinity St Davids on Quality in Early Years Project
  • Cabinet Member/s and Council Officers

For the purposes of this inquiry they have defined readiness for school as relating to children 0-5 years of age particularly relating to personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity, language, literacy and communication skills, mathematical and physical development.  Looking particularly at how the Council and its partners work with parents to ensure children are ready for school.


If you would like to contribute to this inquiry or would like any further information about this work or scrutiny more generally you can visit our web pages on or email us at

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