Archives for February 2017

Swansea Schools Performing well says Scrutiny

Councillors discussed the Annual Education Performance information for 2015/16 with the Cabinet Member for Education and the Chief Education Officer.  They were pleased with the positive picture in the education service in Swansea and wanted to congratulate schools, governing bodies and the education department for their hard work and dedication to driving improvement in not only pupil outcomes […]

Houses in Multiple Occupation in Swansea

The Houses in Multiple Occupation Scrutiny (HMO) Working Group has now concluded its work and Councillors have written a letter to the Council’s Cabinet Members giving their views, conclusions and recommendations from the examination of this topic. The Working Group would like to thank those members of the public who submitted their views both in writing […]

ERW Regional Scrutiny Group meets again

Scrutiny Councillors from across the six local authorities will meet again on 27 February.  The purpose of the group is to help ensure the best educational outcomes for children in the Education Through Regional Working (ERW) region by supporting effective scrutiny to support consistent scrutiny across the six councils share scrutiny good practice encourage shared […]