Do you have a question for Cabinet Members?

The Council’s Scrutiny Programme Committee holds the Council’s Cabinet to account and during the course of the year arranges Q & A sessions with each Cabinet Member.




Each Q & A session will explore the work Cabinet Members have done in their role, looking at priorities, actions, achievements and impact.

Is there anything that you think the committee should ask them?

Let us have your ideas by adding a comment to this post, by email to or tweet us at @swanseascrutiny.

Any suggestions made will be looked at by the committee in developing its questioning strategy and the key ones will be put to relevant Cabinet Members when they appear before the committee.

The Cabinet is made up of the Leader, Councillor Rob Stewart, and 9 additional councillors appointed by the Leader, who are allocated specific responsibilities.

Councillor Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Housing, Energy & Building Services, will kick off this year’s sessions, appearing before the Scrutiny Programme Committee on 14 August.

Other Cabinet Members are scheduled to appear as follows:

When:                        Who:

11 Sep 2017:              Cllr. Clive Lloyd (Deputy Leader) – Service Transformation & Business Operations

9 Oct 2017:                Cllr. Jennifer Raynor – Children, Education & Lifelong Learning

13 Nov 2017:             Cllr. Mark Child – Health & Wellbeing

11 Dec 2017:              Cllr. Will Evans – Stronger Communities

8 Jan 2018:                 Cllr. Rob Stewart (Leader) – Economy & Strategy

12 Feb 2018:              Cllr. Mark Thomas – Environment Services

12 Mar 2018:             Cllr. Robert Francis-Davies – Culture, Tourism & Major Projects

9 Apr 2018:                Cllr. June Burtonshaw / Cllr Mary Sherwood – Future Generations

14 May 2018:             Cllr. David Hopkins – Commercial Opportunties & Innovation

Committee meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. All meetings usually take place in Committee Room 3A at the Guildhall, Swansea starting at 4.30 pm.

A summary of each session, including public questions that are asked, responses, and views of the committee are included in a letter to the relevant cabinet member. Both these letters and responses from Cabinet Members are published on the council website and in future Scrutiny Programme Committee agendas.



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