Interested in Regional Working in Swansea? New scrutiny inquiry starts soon


The Welsh Government has long seen collaboration between public services and particularly local government as a means of providing more efficient and effective services.  Councillors identified this as an important issue for scrutiny at a conference of scrutiny councillors in July.   Following this a Scrutiny Panel has been set up and will meet on the 2 October to look at ‘how the council and it partners can develop and improve regional working for the benefit of Swansea and its residents?’

The meeting on the 2 October will be a pre-inquiry working group where Councillors will receive a report and discuss the key issues with the relevant Cabinet and Corporate Management Team Officer.  Councillors will then discuss and agree the plan for the inquiry, including looking at who they would like to speak to and what evidence they would like to gather.

The intended impact of the inquiry will be to support the work of the Council by:

  • drawing together some general principles for development
  • Offering proposals for improvement in the long, medium and short term
  • Providing a councillor perspective on how well it is working
  • Making evidenced proposals that will lead to regional working being more effective and ultimately services to residents improved
  • Increase councillor understanding of regional working and how it contributes to work of the Council in Swansea
  • Pointing to good practice examples and sharing views of different people involved in this aspect

The agenda will be published in the week running up to the meeting and can be found on the Councils website here.

Councillors, will after the meeting on the 2 October, send out a ‘call for evidence’ which will give the public and partner organisation the opportunity to contribute to this inquiry.

If you would like more information about scrutiny you can visit our scrutiny webpages at

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