Following up and looking at the impact of the School Readiness Scrutiny Inquiry

The School Readiness Scrutiny Inquiry will meet again on the 27 March 2018 to look at the impact and progress that has been made with the recommendations that were agreed by Cabinet resulting from this piece of work.

The Panel carried out their inquiry in 2017 which resulted in a number of recommendations that were agreed by the Council’s Cabinet on 15 June 2017

The Panel looked at?

  • What is meant by improving children readiness for school in practice? What is involved in developing children’s readiness for school including for example: self-care, literacy, language and socialisation.
  • Cause and effect: What is the effect of children’s readiness for school on their longer-term educational performance? What are the reasons for children not being ready for school? Should there be a baseline that defines school readiness?
  • Partners/professional relationships: Who is involved in improving children’s readiness for school in Swansea and do they work together effectively to achieve this aim?
  • Working with families: How are we and our partners are working with families to help improve children in Swansea’s readiness for School?
  • Impact: What has been the impact of those initiatives that help development readiness for school?
  • Good Practice: What guidance and examples of good practice in improving readiness for school are available

The Panel had agreed a number of recommendations resulting from this piece of work that were agreed by Cabinet, a few of these included:

  • Support those initiatives that are clearly improving school readiness and monitor the impact.
  • Support the ethos and practice of Flying Start and use this as a basis for developing early years services outside of the designated areas (with the longer term aim of providing coverage across the City and County of Swansea).
  • Work with schools to ensure that they are child ready and welcoming to all of their pupils.

The agenda for this meeting is available at the following link online

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