Scrutiny Councillors commend progress at Ysgol Crug Glas Special School

Councillors from the Schools Scrutiny Performance Panel made a visit to Ysgol Crug Glas Special School, meeting with the Headteacher, staff and two Governors.

The Panel were very pleased to hear about their improvement journey, the positive outcome of their Estyn re-inspection and the speed in which they have made improvements at the school.  Councillors congratulated the school staff and governors for their commitment, which the Panel believe has been key to their success in moving forward so quickly.

Councillors heard about the assistance of the Consultative Headteacher, the School Improvement Service and the Team around the School and how this had been a resounding success and an excellent model for the future when schools might be facing challenging situations.

Councillors were pleased to hear about the positive comments from Estyn when they revisited in April 18, especially that ‘the current leadership team is very effective in driving forward school improvement. Also that since the core inspections, senior leaders have placed appropriate emphasis on improving the way that teachers plan to develop pupil skills progressively.  Teaching has a strong focus on developing pupil skills at a pace and level that is adapted well to their individual needs and abilities’.

The Panel also agreed with the statement that ‘senior leaders have implemented a strategic approach to improve standards and provision at the school by providing all staff with valuable opportunities to observe and share good practice’.  We felt this will be key to the school continue to improve.

Councillor were keen to hear about good practice at the school and would like to see more utilisation of this expertise to inform practice in mainstream schools. In particular in meeting the educational needs of children with ADHD/ Autistic spectrum.

The Governors and Headteacher said they were very pleased with the support that they have received from the local authority, school improvement service and the Consultative Head.

The Panel heard that the Governing bodies priorities moving forward include a strong commitment to continuous improvement and ongoing support and challenge.  Governors said that with so much change over last few years they have asked for a period of stability until Sept 2019 and that in time they will be looking in detail at the a Federation option.

Councillors thanked the School, Governors, Consultative Head and the Challenge Adviser for spending time with them and wished them the very best for the future.

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