Scrutiny Inquiry digs deep into the Natural Environment

Over the last year a Scrutiny Inquiry began looking in detail at how the Council deals with the Natural Environment, and how they are meeting their requirements under relevant laws. They looked at what the Council currently does and what it could be doing better.

As part of the inquiry, the Panel invited members of various groups which support biodiversity in Swansea, to give their ideas for improvement and examples of success. The Panel was thrilled with the responses. The Panel were impressed and grateful for the time and effort given by volunteers in Swansea who are passionate about green spaces.

Along with the volunteers’ inspiring efforts, the Panel soon realised that a huge amount of fantastic work is being done by a very committed Council team to maintain and promote the natural environment in Swansea. There are progressive projects protecting the sand dunes, efforts to create bee friendly spaces and vast amounts of ecological surveys to ensure that biodiversity is protected within planning and regeneration. We really are leading the way.

After considering all of the information gathered from staff, public and external providers, The Panel developed a set of conclusions and supporting recommendations. These included ideas about how things could be improved even further or new projects developed going forward to ensure that Swansea is at the forefront of enhancing and maintaining the natural environment.

The full inquiry report and recommendations was presented to Cabinet in March. The relevant Cabinet Member is due to respond to the inquiry with an action plan at Cabinet in July. The Panel will then follow up on the action plan 9-12 months later to see how things are going.

We are looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things will be happening in Swansea – we hear the wildflower project is blooming marvellous!

To find out all details and discussions including outcomes of this Inquiry Panel, visit Swansea Council’s website. Here you can also keep up to date with all other work carried out by Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea.

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