Scrutiny considers findings on tackling Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

The Child & Family Services Scrutiny Panel held a meeting on 24 March and invited members of the Adult Services Scrutiny Panel to attend, along with the Cabinet Member for Supporting Communities and senior officers in the Service to discuss the Wales Audit Office’s (WAO) report: Tackling Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV) including:

  • How the authority is addressing the recommendations of the WAO Tackling VAWDASV report
  • The current position in Swansea
  • Areas for future development.

The Cabinet Member’s report provides ‘an overview of the increase in domestic abuse throughout the pandemic and how the collaboration between Child and Family Services and Adult Services, and wider partners is addressing issues and responding to the recommendations of the WAO’.

The Panel and Cabinet Members present expressed their gratitude to officers and staff across the authority for their hard work in continuing to tackle VAWDASV during these difficult times.

The Panel heard that the Council has made good progress and met all five generic recommendations that came out the WAO report. The Panel was pleased to hear that Swansea’s work around the Domestic Abuse Hub had a mention in the WAO report and was found to be an innovative way of working.

The Panel also discussed issues around:

  • Emphasis on developing work with perpetrators of domestic abuse crimes
  • Children affected by domestic violence in Swansea
  • Men suffering domestic abuse and the stigma surrounding this.

Click here to view more about what was discussed at this meeting.

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