Scrutiny of the Swansea Public Services Board

The Scrutiny Programme Committee (SPC) continues to hold Swansea Public Services Board (PSB) to account by monitoring and challenging its performance and the difference that it is making for citizens.

At its meeting in June the Committee heard from Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service and Natural Resources Wales, as two of the four statutory members of the Board, on their role, responsibilities and progress in delivery of specific PSB well-being objectives they are leading on.

Discussions held included:

  • The impact or value of the PSB
  • Issues around PSB governance, lack of resources and funding
  • Development of Performance Indicators for the PSB and sight of action plans to assist with monitoring and measuring progress
  • Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the work of PSB and on funding

Councillor Peter Black, Chair of the SPC, is due to write to the Joint Chairs of the PSB to reflect on the discussions held and share the Committee’s views on progress made.

Swansea PSB is a partnership of public service agencies who work together to improve local services. The four statutory members of the Board are Swansea Bay University Health Board, Natural Resources Wales, the Fire and Rescue Service and Swansea Council.

The Board also involves other organisations that have an interest in the wellbeing of the area for example the police and the universities.

The PSB is required to carry out an Assessment of Well-being to understand current levels of well-being and what matters most to local communities and to produce a Local Well-being Plan in order to improve well-being.

The SPC has a statutory duty to hold Swansea Public Services Board to account.

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