Supporting school governors: some principles of good practice

Governors have an important role in schools. They are there to check that the school is performing as it should. Sometimes, however, governors meetings can be ‘too cosy’ and governors can be too willing to take everything that the head teacher says on face value. What can be done to make sure that governors are […]

What has been the impact of the Attainment and Wellbeing inquiry?

The Attainment and Wellbeing Scrutiny Inquiry Panel met in June 2015 to look at the impact of their Scrutiny Inquiry into Attainment and Wellbeing across schools in Swansea. The original inquiry considered how schools, the Council and partners can improve wellbeing in Schools. Councillors were pleased to hear from the Cabinet Member that the inquiry had […]

What has been the impact of the scrutiny inquiry into Inward Investment for Swansea?

The Inward Investment Scrutiny Inquiry Panel met in July to look at how their report had impacted on inward investment into Swansea and the Swansea Bay City Region. The Panel were that their report has provided focus for how Swansea and the wider City Regions should be promoted and presented to potential investors.  The recommendations […]

Economic Inactivity Panel

Economic Inactivity Inquiry Panel (Lead Councillor Chis Holley) An Inquiry was completed during 2013 which asked the question ‘How can the Council and its Partners reduce economic inactivity in Swansea ? ‘ The economic Inquiry Panel’s report ‘Workless not Worthless’ made a number of recommendations to Cabinet and these formally responded to in June 2014. […]

Developing a ‘can do’ culture is everybody’s business

The Corporate Culture Scrutiny Inquiry Panel is now ready to report its finding and recommendations to Cabinet on the 20th August. This topic was chosen for scrutiny because, as a Council our corporate culture underpins everything we do, from how we engage with our citizens and provide services to how we treat our staff and how […]