Archives for June 2011

Focus on Budget

One of the biggest issues facing the Council at this moment in time is controlling its budget and one of the main areas of expenditure in recent years is in Child and Family Services.  This area is closely monitored by the award winning Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board.  Because of the importance […]

Five Things Worth Knowing About Scrutiny

Over the last couple weeks we have had Andrew Jenkins with us on placement from the Politics Department in Swansea University.  We set Andrew a small task – to give his impressions of scrutiny and suggest the five things most worth knowing.  Here is what he came up with – I think it’s really rather good […]

The Most Important Thing is Safeguarding Vulnerable Children

Last Thursday Councillors from the Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board received a Centre for Public Scrutiny award for their work.  If you have read previous posts about the work of this board you will know that it has been richly deserved – don’t take our word for it, inspectors and Welsh Assembly Deputy […]

Proposed Changes to ChildLine in Swansea

The Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board has picked up on concerns in the community about the proposed closure of the ChildLine telephone counselling service that is based in Swansea.  The NSPCC wants to relocate the centre in South Wales from Swansea to Cardiff where there will be online counselling only. A 30 […]

Using Social Media to Improve Scrutiny

Here is a presentation I gave a couple of weeks ago to the Wales Scrutiny Officers Network.  [iframe 425 355] The idea was to share some ways in which social media might help support scrutiny and hopefully generate some discussion. I’d say that, whilst a few were keen and a few others were curious, […]